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Ticket Policy

All sales are final.  No refunds or exchanges.

Pick up your tickets at Will Call the day of the event at the box office.  If you are the owner of the PayPal account, then bring the receipt or your ID and we will provide you with your tickets.


Upcoming Events

SHFF Film Entry

Call for Entries is now open!

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SHFF Film Challenge

Become part of of Sacramento Horror Film Festival history.

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Press Room

Read news articles, testimonials and more from ticketholders, filmmakers and other friends of the Sac Horror Film Fest.

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Q: I've never been to a film festival before. What can I expect from the Sacramento Horror Film Festival?

A: It is much more an intimate experience than going to the megaplex. When you purchase tickets to a show you can potentially

meet the filmmakers


cast and crew

of the films you are about to watch. We also like to break the monotony of the film going experience and provide other mediums of entertainment such as

performance art



, and

live music

. Peruse our schedule much like you would a menu. You can chose a program ala cart and pay as you go or you can purchase an All Events Pass and experience everything that we have planned. 


Q: Do filmmakers and cast members sign autographs?

A: That is the discretion of the filmmakers and cast members. 


Q: Do your guests charge for autographs?

A: A guest may give a free


if you purchase an item they are selling. Other guests may sign an autograph with no stipulations at all. Some guests will give complimentary autographs as long as you already have something to sign. How this is handled is entirely up to the guest. The Sacramento Horror Film Festival has no say in the autograph matters. It is entirely up to the guest. Just know the average price for autographs is $20. Its possible to me more or less. If a guest agrees to complimentary autographs we will announce it before hand. 


Q: Are your guests guaranteed to be there?

A: We do our best to make sure that the commitment is there by the guest to attend. However if an emergency or if a work related gig comes up then it is more than reasonable to expect a guest to cancel. Thus far we haven't yet had a guest cancel on us yet. Our guest line up is subject to change due to professional commitments, health, and acts of God. 


Q: Does the Historic Colonial Theatre serve alcohol?

A: No. 


Q: Can I come in costume?

A: We love


! Pose for our


! Just keep the weapons at home. 


Q: Can anyone compete in the SHFF Zombie Beauty Contest?

A: Anyone. Men or women. 


Q: I looked at your schedule and I see more than one film playing under a time frame. Do I have to pay more for each film?

A: No. We package

short films

together as part of a shorts program and we also package short films with a feature to create another program. 


Q: Are there ins and outs?

A: Only with an All Events Pass. 


Q: How much are tickets?

A: You can see all available tickets and prices on our Buy Tickets page. 


Q: Do you have a festival sponsored hotel?

A: Not at this time. Email us for suggestions.